Salsa Band in Tulsa

Salsa Band in Tulsa




If you enjoy listening to great live music OR if you love to dance the night away - this evening is for you!

The Jazz Depot is hosting a fundraiser. Come SALSA AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE in the Jazz Depot grand ballroom on the best dance floor in Green Country! Special Performance by Tulsa Touch!

This event will support the Jazz Depot, home of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. The Jazz Depot is a non-profit, cultural, and educational organization that strives to preserve and promote the art forms of jazz, blues, gospel music and dance.

      DJ  kicks off the event 9p-10p

      FREE Salsa lesson at 9:30p

      Live Band ~ TLS will play 10p-1a

      DJ closes out the evening 1a-2a.

Tickets at: or ATD 

LIVE! First Friday Guthrie Green!

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About Us

Photo by Virginia Bria

Our Story

           Come feel the rhythm with Tulsa Latin Style!  

           Our 11 piece Salsa Dance Band has been impressing audiences in Green Country with soaring vocals, blazing horns and hot rhythms since 2014.  It's a wall of sound and rhythms - big, fast and fun to dance to! 

           Our inspiration is the dancers. Salsa dancing is growing fast because its easy, fun and sexy!  Many Oklahomans first try salsa dancing to live music with us and are having a great time! 

Photo by Jenny Flores


       SALSA is a new American musical style  born in New York City in the 1950's, when Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians came to learn from the icon musicians in New York City's great jazz scene and styles just merged. They called it salsa cause it was just all kinds of stuff thrown together, like the condiment. Salsa and related styles are now very popular in the much of the Carribean, Central and South America, the US, Europe and Japan and is loved by dancers the world over. 


Why Play so Many Styles of Latin Music?

        We have band members from Peru,  Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and all over the US, so we naturally came to play songs and styles from as many regions as possible including Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Timba, Plena and more. 


Song List

Festival Americas on the News

Patria at Festival Americas

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  Clarissa 918-636-5717

   Jay     918-402-9786

    Leo   918-565-8181  (Español)

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